Insect Repellents

Insects such as mosquitoes, ticks and flies, not only cause painful bites and stings but spread many dangerous diseases to humans. Insect repellents are used to deter insects which bite, sting, or suck our blood. We can show you how, with appropriate use of Deet and Permethrin, almost 100% protection can be obtained against mosquitoes, ticks, biting flies and other pesky insects.

Active Ingredients in Insect Repellents

Insect Repellent active ingredients such as Deet and Permethrin, and the inert ingredients or the carrier base, all help determine how well an insect repellent will work. What strength Deet should you use? Learn why together Deet and Permethrin are considered a "miracle combination."

Benefits of BUZZ OFF - Insect Repellent Clothing

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